Complex NL interview with XPLCT Studios

Complex NL interview with XPLCT Studios

Dec 14, 2022

In the interview we take you with us to get a closer look behind the clothing brand. Topics like ambitions, setbacks and plans for the future are discussed.

In the article, Shaquille tells about his past and where his passion for entrepreneurship comes from. In addition, Garezi already had his own clothing brand before the start of XPLCT Studios 8 years ago. When the two came into contact, their backgrounds turned out to flow together perfectly. Together they built the brand and made XPLCT Studios grown into a successful company.

But with success comes setbacks. For example, XPLCT was sued by Off-White because of their logo, which showed similarities with that of the Italian fashion brand. 

Despite setbacks, XPLCT always stood firm. We have learned a lot thanks to our community. We want to thank everyone for all the love, support and loyalty.

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