‘’Can you deliver it? It doesn't fit my Ferrari.’’

‘’Can you deliver it? It doesn't fit my Ferrari.’’

Feb 01, 2022

XPLCT Studios visited the CNS Gallery and had the opportunity to learn about the modern art industry. Jordy runs the CNS Gallery with his wife. CNS Gallery offers an amazing selection of original paintings, sculptures, giclees, mixed-media art and photographic art. 

Pop art is growing really hard in Holland, but there still is a big price difference compared to the market in the United States. Jordy mainly works with experienced artists, but also offers opportunities to some emerging artists.



‘’Owning a piece of art by an emerging artist is like investing in Bitcoin many years ago.’’

But it’s not all about money. Impressing personal stories make Jordy feel attracted to an artist and their work. Emerging artists rarely gain access to the CNS Gallery unless they distinguish themselves in a special way. His favourite piece in the gallery is an example of it. In the end art has always been a form of storytelling.

Since the demand for distinctly modern art has grown, the gallery visitors are also more varied than before. Some visitors find background information about the artist less important. Jordy likes to mix these interests in his gallery and kindly jokes about the differences:

‘’Can you deliver it? It doesn't fit my Ferrari.’’ 


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Destiny Tee
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