Friends of the brand

Friends of the brand

Apr 20, 2022

Our vison is to create a link with all kinds of creators. To be more than a commercial fashion brand. We love to see the creators with different styles in XPLCT outfits. In this guide we introduce you to some friends of the brand.

Lil Pump

Gazzy Garcia, better known as Lil Pump, is an American rapper. in 2017, he became best known to the general public for his hit Gucci Gang.

Lil Pump XPLCT studios



Josylvio is one of the well-known Dutch-speaking rappers. In 2018, Josylvio was named the most listened-to rapper in the Netherlands.

Josylvio XPLCT Studios


Michael Ward

Michael Ward is a British actor and former model. Michael is know for the popular Netflix series Top Boy in which he had the lead role.

Michael Ward XPLCT Studios



Boef is a dutch-speaking rapper of Algerian-French nationality. He was born in France but eventually grew up in Alkmaar. Within a year of his start in 2015, he was one of the most popular rappers in the Netherlands.

Boef XPLCT Studios


DJ Chucky

Clyde Sergio Narain better known as Chucky is a Dutch DJ of Surinamese descent. His interest in making music started at the age of thirteen. Now he performs regularly in the Netherlands an abroad.

DJ Chucky XPLCT Studios



Adje is an Amsterdam rapper who grew up in Amsterdam with his mother and half-brother Hef. He released several albums and was nominated three times for a State Award; he won the award in 2009.

Adje XPLCT Studios


Bully is a young rapper from Amsterdam. He is new to the Dutch music industry, but his songs are already getting hundreds of thousands of streams and receive support from famous rappers from the scene.

Bully XPLCT Studios



Dopebwoy is a Dutch rapper and producer with a long musical history. He released many collaboration with other big names in the Dutch music industry.


Kojo Funds

 Kojo Funds is a British singer-songwriter and rapper. His music blends West African and Carribbean sounds with road rap, dancehall and pop. 

Kojo Funds XPLCT Studios


 Johnny 500 

Johnny 500 is a Dutch DJ. He has everything in him to make everyone around the world enjoy themselves. The modern eclectic sounds in his own style with so much feeling. 

Johnny 500