This = Art: Customized bags

This = Art: Customized bags

Dec 08, 2022

XPLCT Studios likes to work with and for creators. G. Septara also known as This=Art, is the creative brain behind the brand. This=Art is the alias of the XPLCT Studios designer G. Septara. This=Art is created during the making of art.XPLCT believes it’s important to establish a link with different creative people. We like to express our creativity through ‘Mix To Create’.

What is art? Art can be interpreted in everything. Write ‘This=Art’ on a banana, tell your story behind it and you’ve created art. For this reason, G. Septara wears a mask. People judge someone by a their appearance before hearing the story behind it. Art can be found in everything.

For this project he created two customized XPLCT bags for two special artists.  

Because Central Cee visited our beloved Amsterdam, he customized a XPLCT keybag for the artist. You may know the British/Guyanese rapper from his songs ‘Day in the Life’, ‘Loading’ and ‘Doja’.

Second, he created a Saint bag for Ashley Walters also known from his role as Dushane Hill in the Netflix hit series Top Boy. You may also know him from his music career. 

We believe that involvement through co-creation and collaboration leads to beautiful products and an inspiring community. 

Insta: thisisart.xplct