XPLCT Studios was created by mixing two passions. Shaquille Gunther built the brand with convincing sales skills by laying an important foundation in the Dutch offline fashion scene. Soon after the start of XPLCT Studios, Garezi Septara joined and strengthened the brand with his design skills and became co-owner/creative director. Garezi owned JWZFF, a fashion lifestyle brand, well known in the Dutch music industry. This connection later became an important element in the development of XPLCT Studios.

In 2014, the focus was mainly on sales to physical stores and we started our journey with 26 Dutch retailers. From the first collection, we offer everyday clothing for men. Jeans, shoes and jackets were all part of our first landing in the fashion world. XPLCT Studios now sells at 50+ selected retailers in the Netherlands and we are expanding with retailers in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Curaçao and Suriname.
By paying attention to important digital trends, we ensured that the brand also grew online.
We hosted our first fashion show in 2020, where we could showcase our entire collection and integrate our branding through storytelling. In recent years, our range has expanded with the launch of our bag and accessory collections.
Our first major successful project was the Gumshoe, the first shoe with a sole made from recycled chewing gum, became a real eye-catcher and received a lot of international attention.

XPLCT Studios

Vision and mission
XPLCT Studios likes to present itself as more than a commercial fashion brand. We think it's important to make a link with different creatives. XPLCT comes from the word “explicit” which means explicit and thus just like the pronounced style of the brand. Studios stands for a creative space and fits perfectly with the concept. We want to offer talented artists the opportunity to express themselves creatively and share meaningful projects with the world. Our collaborations are mainly based on a common vision. We believe that involvement through co-creation leads to great products and an inspiring community.
In addition, we are inspired by social problems with our designs. We believe it is important that we tell a story with our collections in the hope of inspiring others and contributing to positive change. Our designs come to life through more than just clothing. We use all kinds of other creative expressions such as: classical paintings, 3D art, NFTs, exclusive events and so on.
Our Community
XPLCT Studios is a brand for everyone and we show this in our campaigns. We value the opinion of our community.
By interacting with consumers in our flagship store in Amsterdam, we collect information in order to grow and improve.
Last summer we were at the Chin Chin Festival with a stand where visitors could have their XPLCT items personalised. Due to the enthusiastic reactions, we want to do this more often.
The brand is carried by several celebrities such as: Defano Holwijn, Giel (Stuk TV), Hakim Ziyech and more. In our stores we have the “Wall Of Creators”, a wall on which our ambassadors pose with our brand.