The CreatorBox

The CreatorBox is a specially curated monthly box for the XPLCT enthusiast who loves to be surprised. In the box that will be sent to you monthly, you will receive a cool XPLCT outfit and fun goodies.

1. Choose a box

Choose one of the 3 CreatorBox options below that fits your needs.

2. Our stylist creates your outfit

Get a unique outfit tailored to your taste by our expert stylist

3. Receive your outfit monthly

You'll receive a new, stylish outfit every month without effort.

About CreatorBox

The advantage of the CreatorBox is that you receive an XPLCT outfit for twice the original amount! In addition, the CreatorBox will be carefully curated by our stylists, based entirely on your desires and preferences.

The CreatorBox is available in the form of a monthly subscription. The CreatorBox is for a minimum period of 3 months. After that, you can cancel your subscription free of charge.