XPLCT Studios is made while mixing and balancing important skills of two fashion brand owners. Shaquille Gunther built the brand with convincing sales skills by laying an important foundation in the Dutch offline fashion scene. Quickly after the start of XPLCT Studios Garezi Septara strengthened the brand with his designing skills and became co-owner/creative director. Garezi owned JWZFF, a fashion lifestyle brand, known by the Dutch music industry. This connection later became an important element in the development of XPLCT Studios.

Today we are selling XPLCT Studios at 50+ selected retailers in Holland and we are expanding through Europe with retailers in Belgium, France and Switzerland. Attention for the important digital trends made sure we also grew online. We hosted our first fashion show in 2020 where we were able to showcase our whole collection and integrate our branding through storytelling. In recent years our product range expanded with the launch of our bags and accessories collections.


    At XPLCT Studios we use different kinds of images to visualize our brand. We love to balance between product and portrait photography. We believe the products are best displayed with clean studio images. With personal portraits we are able to put more focus on storytelling. Finally, we like to use all kinds of other creative expressions such as classic paintings, 3D art and so on.


    Our vision is to create a link with all kinds of creators. To be more than a commercial fashion brand. We believe involvement by co-creation leads to amazing products and an inspiring community. We love to see the creators with different styles in XPLCT outfits.


    XPLCT Studios enjoys getting inspired by other creators. While working with all kinds of creators we are able to offer them an unique way into the fashion world. Our collaborations are mainly based on common visions.

XPLCT Studios

Our tone of voice is all about positive encouragement as we try to inspire our consumers. We prefer to present ourselves in a formal way to match our view of quality service to consumers. To include as many creators as possible we choose English as our main language. Since we enjoy working with all kinds of creators, it is not uncommon to use explicit expressions. Explicit: stated clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt.