Our Story

XPLCT Studios is the result of a collaboration between two fashion brand owners who became friends and blended their essential skills.

Shaquille Gunther initiated the brand and, leveraging his business acumen, assumed the role of owner and head of sales.

Shortly after the inception of XPLCT Studios, Garezi Septara joined the team, bringing his design expertise and becoming a co-owner.

This connection eventually played a crucial role in the evolutionof XPLCT Studios. Garezi Septara currently holds the positionof Creative Director at XPLCT Studios.

XPLCT Studios Today

Currently, XPLCT Studios is available in our flagship store in the center of Amsterdam and at 50+ selected retailers in the Netherlands, and we are also expanding our presence internationally. We have established partnerships with retailers in Belgium, France, Curacao, and Suriname. Keeping up with important digital trends has allowed us to grow our online presence as well.

In the past few years, we have further expanded our product range by introducing bags and accessories, which have significantly contributed to our growth and success.